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Plan for small changes: companion handouts

My plan for small lifestyle changes: I can...... (2 page pdf)
2. Beverages (Choose No Sugar beverages)
3. Snacks (Eat a healthy snack every day)
4. Pasta and rice (Choose high fiber)
5. Bread (Choose high fiber)
6. Protein (Choose lean protein)
7. Dairy (Choose low fat dairy)
8. Fats (Eat healthy fats)
9. Cereal - 2 page pdf (Choose high fiber)
10. Salt substitute and seasoning
11. Keep a record of your blood pressure
12. Exercise and fitness
13. Pedometer


BMI (Adult) with example and waist circumference (2 page pdf)
BMI Adult- chart
BMI Boys age 2-20 (charts-2 page pdf)
BMI Boys age 2-20 (Information and sample BMI) - 3 page pdf)
BMI Girls age 2-20 (charts-2 page pdf)
BMI Girls age 2-20 (Information and sample BMI) - 3 page pdf)

Weight Counseling

Assess confidence
Assess importance
Assess readiness

What We Do

Our one page point-of-care patient handouts cover many common health problems encountered in
primary care.

Topics Include:

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