We believe that empowering patients with clear and
simple health information improves quality along with
patient and clinician satisfaction.

The communication challenge

Time limitations and communication barriers can leave health care providers rushed or frustrated, and patients confused and dissatisfied. Poor communication at the point of care leads to patient misunderstanding, noncompliance and poor outcomes. We aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health communication. Empowered patients will take responsibility for improving their health.

Improving health literacy

Our point-of-care handouts, booklets, toolkits, and wellness materials contain limited text, instead using visually-engaging graphics and photographs of real people and actual products with which patients can identify. These patient-ready materials enable providers to clarify health messages and treatment options for patients. Our tools are easily understood at all literacy levels.

Evidence-based, non-biased

Thumbs Up!® for Health tools are grounded in the
latest evidence-based medical information.
To ensure our materials remain unbiased,
we do not accept commercial support or advertising.

What We Do

Our one page point-of-care patient handouts cover many common health problems encountered in
primary care.

Topics Include:

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